Transformation Tuesday: My (UN)success story.


Almost every woman at some point and time in their lives has been concerned about their body image. I am no different, my friends. During high school, I was desperately trying to gain weight because people thought I was bulimic.

Fast forward 10+ yrs and I’m on the flip side of things and trying to LOSE weight. I can never be satisfied, can I?! We were planning an amazing trip to Dubai and the Maldives. Maldives, being my ultimate bucket list item. So I HAD to get fit for this occasion, right!?

Working out was never my forte and dieting was definitely never in my vocabulary. I knew this would be a challenge of epic proportions. In addition, I had a c-section when I had Ittybot and since the docs sliced the muscle in my abdomen, sculpting those muscles will be extra problematic – if possible at all.

The web has all these amazing success stories about how people lost 50 lbs in a few months. So naturally, I thought I would be one of those amazing success stories too.

HA!! Here’s my UN-success story…

I fall in the “normal” category, meaning I’m not underweight nor am I overweight. I just wanted move that scale down a tad (tad=16 lbs, LOL) and get toned. I worked out 3-4 times a week doing random challenges. I was tracking everything I was doing and I was eating much less.

Where I went wrong was that I didn’t work myself hard enough and I took a lot of “pity breaks” when my friend of the month would visit and I’d extend that break an extra week. Haha. I also wasn’t dieting very well either. I was cutting my portions down but I still was eating unhealthy meals. What can I say? I have a weakness for grease and salt. I was fooling myself with the notion that if I sucked down one green juice a day for 4-5 days out of the week, it would cancel out my unhealthy choices. REALLY?

By the time the trip rolled around I did lose a couple pounds and shaved off an inch or so in my measurements. But I know I could have done much better if I was much more strict in my regiment.

Here’s my before & after:


Moral of the story, you won’t get results if you don’t go 110%. I know, I know you and I have heard this 50 million times.

Don’t get me wrong, there IS a mini-success story to this. I did drop 2 lbs, gained some muscle, and trimmed down more than an inch in each area. BUT I WANT MOOOOORE! I know you ladies know that feeling, don’t lie.

It is now 2 months after the trip. I put those 2 lbs back on (ok, plus a little more) and I’d like to banish them forever and ever.

I figured if I wrote this down, I’d be held more accountable for my weight-loss journey. I have no shame in sharing my story because I know it’s relatable. A lot of people have been there. But don’t let our un-success story hinder you from your ultimate success story!

I’m considering doing a weekly or more realistically, bi-weekly (ok, maybe monthly) update on Transformation Tuesdays. I’ll list what I did how I’ve been eating etc, etc. What do you guys think?

Since it’s the new year, do any of you have a new year resolution to shed some lbs? It’s probably the most common resolution right after overindulging during the holidays. If you guys feel my pain (and gains, lol), leave me an inspiring comment. OR if you have an amazing SUCCESS story, I’d love to hear that too! We can be each others motivation!

I look forward to removing “UN” from my story!