Organize yourself!

Some days I wake up and I just feel like there is so much to do. Which sometimes only overwhelms me and deters me from getting anything done at all!

A couple months ago, I decided to make a valid effort to organize my daily and weekly routine. To help me, I made a checklist to keep above my desk. Trust me, it didn’t magically work overnight but I am making great strides to making this routine work. Some areas could use extra work and attention but progress makes perfect.


I’ll briefly explain my (pretty obvious) checklist. I organized chores for each day and some chores I do on a daily basis like vacuuming the rug and sweeping the floors. The daily fitness area sometimes intertwine with the fitness bracket so I don’t over exert my muscles. The fitness bracket is just how many days/times I want to do a certain muscle group or class. I find this bracket the easiest to knock out, surprisingly.  The most important part of my checklist is the “hydrate” section. I am TERRIBLE at remembering to drink water. This has helped me SO much. It feels good to cross off a glass, as ridiculous as that sounds.

I struggle the most with my web project section. I’ve been swamped with sessions and other projects that I haven’t been diligent about staying on schedule. I am working towards mastering that column!

I highly recommend trying this method out since it has helped me out so much! I’d love to see yours too – it may inspire me to add a couple more items 😀


Positivity Challenge: Day 5

  • My cousins…what can I say about my cousins?! They fall right in the friend/family/ride or die/lifers category. “Tough love” is a supreme understatement. We all grew up in the same madness and understand each other’s frustrations. Without them, there would be no sanity.
  • As of late, I have been able to reconnect with some AMAZING people. It’s ironic how moving to a different country could bring people closer together! Maybe it’s because I’m not caught up in the corporate grind anymore and I make time for substantial conversations. Whatever the case may be, I am SO glad that it has worked out the way that it has. I had forgotten how much I missed them and how much I value our relationship. YAY! Squishy hugs!
  • I’m incredibly thankful that I grew up in such a rich and beautiful culture. I was taught tradition, religion, and language from a young age and I hope that I (with the help of family) will be able to pass that down to Preston as he gets older.

That is my last and final day of the positivity challenge! I challenge all of you to sit down and be grateful for all that you have. All too often we dwell on what we DON’T have and lose sight of the beauty we DO have.


Positivity Challenge: Day 4

1) I am incredibly fortunate enough to be able to stay home with Preston the first couple years of his life. I’ve always told David that I would love the opportunity to be at home with our children for the first year or two to watch them grow and develop. I didn’t want a stranger to experience my baby’s milestones. There is so much value placed on the corporate grind that more often than not, the sacrifice is quality family time. We wanted to balance the two and it has worked out wonderfully for us! I have my entire life to slave away in the corporate universe but only a several years to watch my baby grow into a monster.
2) While in Florida, we have met some of the most incredible and unique individuals EVER. They made our brief but memorable lives in Florida such an incredible experience. We often talk about how much we miss our Florida family and we can’t wait to go see them again! SOON HOPEFULLY!!
3) I can’t forget to mention my lifers!! Some of you, I’ve been friends with for over 20 years. CRAZY! I am truly grateful to those that have stuck with me through the thick and thin. We all have made our mistakes and the ones that are there to forgive you and help you through your madness are the ones I need to keep for life!

5 days of positivity: Day 3

Day 3:

  • I am beyond blessed to have had a grandmother who loved and cared for me like I was a sick puppy at all times. Many Lao people can understand when I say affection is uncommon. My adorable little grandma gave me hugs like I was her doll and planted those sniff kisses like she wanted to snort my sweat. Although she’s in a better place now, I still see her in my dreams and I’m the one giving her the teary eyed bear hugs.
  • In a house full of women, I also grew up with a man with little words. His exterior was quite intimidating and he yelled a lot. But he was the man I called, “Dad”. I cherish our memories of cooking and fishing. But my favorite memories are our photo shoots. They were pretty lame pictures where he set out the tripod and ran back and forth. He, of course, stood there w/o a smile and made me hold something ridiculous like snow or a pinecone. In hindsight, they were hilarious and he made me fall in love with photography. He may have not been my biological dad but I always thought of him as my dad. I appreciated his presence in my life and I will never forget the memories and the impact he had on me. Dad, I swear I’ll never play tic-tac-toe on the walls again.
  • I am so lucky and thankful to have a handful of women that treat me as their own. My aunts have been so amazing to me growing up. They are so special to me and there are no words to express my gratitude. If I were to address them each individually, I might as well write a short story (more than I already have!)

    And to the woman who spent hours upon hours in the labor delivery room giving me the gift of life…I do appreciate and deeply love you. While we argue and fight more than a majority of other mother/ daughter duos I can’t deny the fight you have put up to provide for us!! You’re one tough cookie – and you do it lookin’ beautiful!


5 days of positivity: Day 2

I forgot to post this on the blog yesterday!

1. Every so often, we like to live spontaneously. First spontaneous move we made was the move to Florida. We felt trapped in expectations in MN and felt that a big move could open our eyes to a new, independent world.

Florida brought us so much closer as a couple. We had the time and energy to just focus on each other. It strengthened our bond and made us the unstoppable pair that we are today.

I am so thankful that we took the giant leap into the unknown and landed with both feet on the ground.

2. Next spontaneous move was the move to HOLLAND! We were joking about David doing an international assignment at a friend’s house and 2 weeks later we were packing up for our next chapter!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to embrace a new culture. Holland has introduced me to so many new things and a new way of life.

3. Because of the above, we have been so fortunate to satisfy our wanderlust and travel to exotic and historic destinations. Within the year, we will have seen over 10 countries and countless cities already! Preston is one lucky little punk!


5 days of positivity: Day 1

I was challenged on Facebook to participate in a positivity challenge. Every day for 5 days, I need to post 3 different things I am grateful/thankful for. I have many things in my life to be grateful for so I figured why not?

I decided to post it on here as well so I can refer back to it when life knocks me down. There is much to appreciate and we do so little to acknowledge it!

Day 1:

1) I hit the lottery when I married my husband. I am so thankful to have such a supportive, caring, and understanding life partner. Sometimes he is so analytical it drives me crazy but that is what balances us out. He puts up with my crazy and makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt. He granted a wish that I never thought possible, to watch my baby grow. It’s the single most profound gift he could give me. We are months away from our 8 yr mark and I can’t imagine a future without that nerd.

2) On February 22nd, 2013 I was blessed with an incredible gift, a little baby boy. He was nice to me the entire pregnancy and wanted to make a GRAND entrance. He flipped my world upside down and made me see life in a different light. All of a sudden it’s not about us anymore. I used to place value on frivolous things and now I know there’s so much more to life. I’m so thankful that he has changed me for the better.

3) Can’t do day 1 without mentioning my insane family. Even though I didn’t know my dad growing up, my HUGE family has overflowed that “gap”. Family is scattered all over the place but will welcome each other with open arms in a moments notice. They drive me nuts sometimes, but I love em!