Free Travel Budget Spreadsheet!

Unless you’re Jay-Z and Beyonce, us simpletons don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to vacations. Ever since we set our sights on being debt free, we have been using spreadsheets for anything and everything budget related. Vacations are no different.

We have had our fair share of trips this year and since we are a one income household, we have to stick to the budget. Laying out a budget ahead of time and strictly using cash has immensely helped us stick to our budget.

I thought I wouldΒ save you the trouble of going through the awfully boring process of creating a spreadsheet and share ours!! Get it here.




Broke Girl Fixes: Cord Organization

I have these moments where all I want to do is organize and reorganize. As much as I love purchasing the cutest bins and baskets the budget doesn’t always allow me to go crazy at the local store.

I have an ongoing battle with our electronics drawer. This is the drawer where we throw all our cords, chargers, batteries etc into. I am constantly yelling and grunting trying to get the cords untangled. Well, I’ve had enough of it!

My broke girl fix was to put the cords into an empty toilet paper roll and label with with corresponding name. Neat, huh?