What Did We Do in Osaka, Japan?

Osaka is the last stop in Japan. The intention was to have it be relaxing – which it was but it was also pretty “action packed”. And I use that term loosely because “action packed” means something totally different when you’re in your thirties. This leg of the trip consisted of lots of food, claw games, and sightseeing.

Shrine in Osaka, Japan

A trip to Osaka would not be complete without a visit to Osaka Castle. As we headed up towards the castle, it looked almost ominous due to the rainy clouds that were hovering over us. I have to admit, I was a bit angry that we got rained on but not long after I nearly bit off the Mr’s head, the clouds parted ways and the skies started to light up again.

Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan


Right outside the castle walls were these beautiful cherry blossom trees that rested next to some very steep steps. While there was a long line to take photos (gotta get that ‘gram photo), we managed to get our pics and scurry out to get some more yummy eats outside the castle.


Because we needed to stuff our faces some more, we went to explore Dontonburi and I was amazed at how underrated this place is! I just LOVED IT! As soon as you set foot in the general vicinity, you can smell the food that were sizzling on the outdoor grills. And I can’t leave out all the arcades. THE ARCADES! There were probably nearly 10 on each block – ok, exaggerating, but it surely felt that way. I’m ashamed to admit how much we spent but it was all in good fun (for me – frustration for him).

Dontonburi in Osaka, Japan

Before concluding our trip in Japan, of course we had to find the perfect location to see some more cherry blossoms and The Mr. did not disappoint with this one.


Oh! And don’t forget to watch the vlog!