Trip to Tsukiji Fish Market | Tokyo, Japan

What automatically comes to mind when you hear “fish market”? Narrow stalls, the sound of water hoses, fish carcasses perfectly lined up, delectable food stalls, but more importantly, that smell – you know what I’m talking about. The Tsukiji Fish market was everything you would imagine MINUS that dreaded stench.

Tsukiji Fish Market

We didn’t get up at 4am to witness the auction because I read that you needed someone to bring you in and I didn’t care to wake up that early to be perfectly honest. We arrived around 9am and dove right in. The alleys were crammed with locals and tourists alike. Of course, tourists – myself included, had our phones and cameras out to capture all the excitement. There were stalls upon stalls of dried seafood, fresh seafood and kitchen items – just in case you were missing something to prepare your meal.

To my surprise, there were two indoor fish markets in addition to the outdoor market! I’m assuming this is for temperature control so all the fresh seafood wouldn’t go bad. In true Japanese style, the buildings were spotless and very well maintained.

The best part, obviously, are the food stalls. Fresh seafood prepared right before your eyes, how could you go wrong?! My favorite had to be the scallops on a stick. At roughly $2 a stick, I still wonder why we didn’t go back for seconds or even thirds. Another crowd favorite was the mochi. I didn’t think I’d enjoy mochi that wasn’t filled with ice cream (darn westerner) but I was so wrong.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Next time you are in Tokyo, for the love of all things holy, don’t skip the fish market. You’ll be kicking yourself in the behind if you do! Even if you are not a die-hard sushi diner such as myself, there is still plenty to see – and eat!

Where is it?
Oedo line to Tsukiji-Shijo station, exit A. The closest JR station is Shimbashi station but be prepared for a 15 minute walk. But expect this to change shortly (if it hasn’t already) as the Fish Market will be moving to make way for the 2020 Olympic Stadium!

Watch the vlog:


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