A look back at 2015: Part III


Hey guys! Welcome to the third and final installment of our trip down memory lane! I am in awe of the memories we created together in one short year!

2016 already has a lot in store for us – in which I will elaborate once the details are finalized, so be sure to stay tuned!!

Let’s continue where we left off, shall we?


At the end of July, The Mr gave me an EPIC surprise. He knew I was starting to get really homesick so he told me that we will be joining the rest of the family in Florida in just 4 weeks!

I can’t even put into words how joyful it was to see Ittybot interacting with the rest of the family. I was worried that he would be attached to mommy, but nope, he peaced out as soon as he could!


I have to admit coming back to Holland was really tough for me. But this little face makes he so happy – as long as we are together, we can get through it!


Wandering around Amsterdam on a crisp, fall afternoon.


In November, we traveled back to Belgium to celebrate my beautiful aunt’s birthday.


We have always talked about going to Bruges and we finally made it! Unfortunately, it rained the entire time but that didn’t put a damper Ittybot’s mood!


Some people would call us crazy for traveling to Iceland in December. Well, yeah we are. Iceland was bitter cold and it was FREAKING FANTASTIC! I’ve said this time and time again, the pictures of Iceland just don’t do it justice!


Iceland was a quick stopover before heading to Minnesota to see the family. I chose a picture of us gathered in the kitchen because that’s what we love doing most – eating. We will find any and every excuse to eat, eat, eat!!

And that brings us to today…we leave for Madrid early tomorrow morning for New Years with The Mr’s side of the family. Squeezing in one last trip before 2016 and it should be a great one!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2015 and lots of luck for 2016! Lots of love from the bots!

Joop Joooooop



A look back at 2015: Part II


Lets pick up right where we left off on the last blog!

Lisse, Netherlands

After we recovered from our jetlag, we set out to see if there were any tulips left in the gardens nearby. We only found one garden that was packed of tulips but even the sparse gardens still looked incredible.


In June, we set out on a 2 week trip to celebrate my 30th birthday. First up, Marrakech.

Milan.jpgA quick pit stop in Milan, Italy.

Lake Garda, Italy

Head stand on top of a mountain? Check.


Venice, Italy – Seriously, the city looks like it does in the postcards…


Eze, France




My loves above Nice, France. Love!


Cannes, France


The sunsets behind our apartment during the summers are incredible!


Cherish moments, not things. These boys give me a wealth of memorable memories. I’m thankful for them each and every day….

Wow, this is much longer than anticipated…instead of inundating you with even more pictures, I will do a 3rd post…stay tuned for a third and final post!



A look back at 2015: Part I



The year is quickly coming to a close, seriously, where did time go?! As of late, my Facebook timeline has been flooded with year in reviews. So I suppose it’s about that time of the year where we take a look back at what happened in our lives over the past 12 months…

Leiden, Netherlands

It just so happened that the weather gods were smiling upon us and gave us a beautiful day in January. On nice days, we like to go to La Place near the market for lunch. You get a beautiful birds eye view of the charming city from 4 stories above.

Alicante, Spain

Before Ittybot turned two, we wanted to jet set to one more country before he would cost an entire plane ticket. We decided to venture to Alicante, Spain to visit The Mr’s side of the family.

Altea, Spain

The family took us to a nearby town called, “Altea”. Altea is a cute and quaint little town along the coast with whitewashed buildings throughout. We weren’t there for long but we loved shopping the charming boutiques and the bakeries were delicious!



On February 22nd, our little bot officially entered the terrible twos.


March, 2015 marked 10 years for Tim & Noot!

Ghent, Belgium

Before Tim & Noot’s anniversary dinner, we explored Ghent for a few hours.



Early April, we paid a visit to the Keukenhof gardens. We had to go a little earlier this year because we had an unexpected trip to China coming up!

Shanghai, China
Yu Yuan Garden

The Mr was summoned to do some work in China and we HAD to tag along. It was an opportunity of a lifetime!

Sanya, China

The next stop on his work trip was Sanya, China. One of the guys had a great hook-up on a yacht so we all took a break for an afternoon – baller style.

Tian Tan Buddha AKA Big Buddha



We decided to hop over to Hong Kong after his business trip. Because I mean, WHY NOT?!

Stay tuned for part II!