My 30th birthday getaway: French Riviera


We finished off our epic adventure in the French Riviera. We chose to stay at an AirBNB in Nice since it was right in between some of the other major cities.

Unfortunately, we started our stay with a little mishap of La getting stuck in the bathroom. It was just like the TV shows, the door handle came off and he was trapped for a good 45 minutes. But rest assured, he made it out safe and sound!

The pebble beaches in Nice was a surprise hit! Walking on them wasn’t pleasant but laying on the rocks after a dip in the water is like a broke hot stone massage. We liked it so much we skipped the beach in Cannes and rushed back to the pebble beach!

We chose to rent a car because we had several day trips planned to Eze, Monaco, and Cannes. And take my word for it, you don’t need that much time in any of these cities-unless you are growing some sort of money tree in the backyard. Which, if you are, I’d like a seed please.

Nice, France

French Riviera

Here’s the vlog. Sorry for the shaky quality. I was testing out a vlogging wand which proved to be a FAIL.


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