My 30th Birthday Getaway: Venezia

Next up, we have Venezia!

Let me tell you, the minute I stepped out of the train station, I was amazed that I was standing in VENICE. I mean, it’s the world renowned, VENICE! Ok, I think you know I’m in Venice. LOL.

We arrived in the evening so all we had planned was grabbing a quick bite to eat and getting settled into our apartment that we rented through AirBNB. A one way ticket on the vapretto was 7 euros or you can opt for a full day ticket for 20 euros, 30 euros for a 2 day pass and so-on, so-forth.Β Β We only bought a one way ticket to the apartment and walked around most of the time since we stayed in the heart of San Marco.

When I read that you don’t need that much time in Venice, they were pretty spot on. We went to check out the San Marco Basilica, a couple free museums, and the grand canal. There were plenty of alleys to get lost in and countless overpriced restaurants to dine in.

San Marco
San Marco


06_2015_Venice-15 06_2015_Venice-22

Of course we had to do the gondola! That’s the whole Venice experience, am I right? We paid 100 euros because I wanted a sunset ride. If you ride before 7pm, it’ll cost you 80 euros. Pricey, I admit.

Amazing Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy
Amazing Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy

Venice is beautiful. It is a postcard city just like I had imagined. If you have the chance to go, DO IT. But let me warn you that you probably won’t need much time there. We probably would’ve been fine with leaving a day early, but at the same time, this forced us to relax a little.

Amazing nighttime pics at the Ponte dell'accademia
Amazing nighttime pics at the Ponte dell’accademia

Vlog? Here you go.


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