Beauty Bits: Sheet Mask Haul!

I have been very vocal about my newest obsession over sheet masks. I was approaching my 30th birthday then and I decided that it’s about time that I took better care of my skin. You don’t even want to know how bad I was prior to this revelation.

Back in April, I went to China with every intention to try out some sheet masks that was taking Asia by storm. I was a little apprehensive how my skin would react to it but rest assured, my skin LOVED it!

The first one I tried out was a brand called MG. The main reason I bought MG was because they were on sale at the Watson’s by our hotel. Unfortunately, I don’t recall what the sale was but I know they ended up being around $1 each mask. The first one I tried on my face was the Aloe hydrating mask since my skin was so dried out from the 10 hr flight.

MG's Aloe hydrating/moisturizing mask: LOVES IT!
MG’s Aloe hydrating/moisturizing mask: LOVES IT!

The packaging suggests that you leave it on for ~15 minutes but I left it on for about 45 minutes. There was so much serum left on the cotton mask that I didn’t want to waste it. And I am not ashamed to say that I collected the remaining serum inside the pouch and used it the next afternoon as a booster.

My skin felt AMAZING afterwards. I instantly became obsessed and ran back to the store about bought an additional 50-60. I’m not even kidding.

Different types of MG masks that I purchased at Watson's. Embarassed to say I got about 10 of each. The obsession is real.
Different types of MG masks that I purchased at Watson’s. Embarassed to say I got about 10 of each. The obsession is real.

Watson’s also had a sale on My Beauty Diary products. I’ve read so much about them that I decided to try a couple, ok, 5 boxes. But I purchased them with the intent to share them with my loved ones back home! The two that were on sale were: Nato bean (moisturizing/tightening) and black pearl mask (whitening/nourishing). I haven’t tried them yet but my mom absolutely swears by them. She said she noticed a difference after a week.

My Beauty Diary: Nato Bean Mask and Black Pearl Mask
My Beauty Diary: Nato Bean Mask and Black Pearl Mask

Once we were in Hong Kong, I was greeted with a beautiful Innisfree store. I’ve seen so many people rave about their products so I went in to purchase a few of their masks. I paid 10 HKD for each which is about ~1.15 euros or $1.28.

Next store I had to stop by was SaSa. SaSa is not very hard to find at all. There were literally two on every block. Hong Kong was the last stop on our China trip so I knew it was do or die at this point! I needed to grab everything I wanted before we left. The sales clerks noticed I was dumping all sorts of masks into my basket that they started to follow me. Maybe they were working on commission?

Anyway, SaSa had awesome sales on masks. I found the Innisfree masks that I had previously purchased on sale for 15/100 HKD. Thankfully, I only purchased 4 at the Innisfree shop so I went ahead and bought the rest of the innisfree masks at SaSa. Before you shake your head at me, there weren’t that many left so I only bought 15. As I was about to grab some My Beauty Diary boxes, the sales clerk suggested that I try out the Sasatinnie brand. She said that they last a little bit longer and you don’t have to do them nearly as often as MBD. She didn’t need to do much convincing since they were only 6 euros a box.

The last sheet mask stop was Etude house. By this point, The Mr. commented that I probably have enough masks to last a year so I shouldn’t buy too many here. LOL. So I only purchased a few sheet masks and a couple collagen eye masks so I can at least try them out.

Hong Kong sheet mask haul minus what I bought my mother.
Hong Kong sheet mask haul minus what I bought my mother.

Once I got home and started to package the masks as gifts, I was starting to have some separation anxiety. So I went online to Innisfreeworld to see how much they run online. To my excitement, they were having an awesome sale on their sheet masks! They were buy 10 get 10 free!! O.M.F.G. I turned to The Mr and apologized for the damage that was about to go down. It was free shipping after $75 so naturally, I had to purchase 7 sets of 10. So yes, I got a total of 140 masks in the mail.

What's left of the Innisfree masks after gift distribution. Needless to say, I'm covered for a little while...
What’s left of the Innisfree masks after gift distribution. Needless to say, I’m covered for a little while…

Innisfree sent a bunch of amazing samples of their skin care products and I’d have to say that I liked everything that I tried. I am pretty darn excited for my next order!

I sent a lot of masks to my mom as soon as I got back and then sent some to more friends and family after I got my Innisfree order. I hope they like them as much as I did!

What are your go-to masks? I’m already planning my next haul so please share!


Short n’ Sweet Review: MapsWithMe (

MAPS.ME review

MapsWithMe (found as is an amazing travel application. It allows travelers the ease of navigating their way through new travel locations. Some key features of the applications are that it is (1) totally offline, (2) worldwide, (3) fast, and (4) detailed.

After downloading the maps of interest, you can utilize it completely offline. Perfect when you travel internationally and don’t have access to data or want to minimize roaming charges.

MapWithMe Review

The maps are not just limited to big cities but includes supposedly includes all countries and cities. I didn’t check all of this but through initial inspections, it looks good.

Where in the world are you going? Find the map, and download it for your trip!
Where in the world are you going? Find the map, and download it for your trip!

Tired of freezing and slow responses with other map applications? Don’t worry about this one. Zooming in and out is smooth and very responsive. The map doesn’t freeze or become pixelated.

Maps.Me Review

Details, details, details! It was amazing the level of detail found in this application. I was able to use it to find local grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and ATMs. Perfect when you travel!


I don’t know how I traveled without it but I know moving forward I’ll always use it!


Short n’ Sweet Review: TripCase App


I’ve had TripCase lingering on my phone for a while now but since The Mr is such an avid lover of excel spreadsheets I never really put it to use.

Since my dirty thirty trip is so extensive, I decided to give it a try. I figured it will be so much more convenient to pull out my phone app rather than fumble with papers or tracking down a document within an email.

TripCase will basically keep track of your entire itinerary for you. You can have it automatically pull in your travel details from your email or you can input the details yourself. I chose the latter because we use several different emails for bookings.

You can add all things travel related from flights, rails, ferries, lodging, activities etc.

Almost everything you could possibly need to add is here!
Almost everything you could possibly need to add is here!

I appreciate the simple, yet functional user interface. I can scroll up and down to see a timeline of the trip or I can switch to “action view” for a more detailed description of each item.

TripCase Review

I love that now I can get flight notifications as well as having all my confirmation codes in one convenient place.

TripCase Review

It did take quite some time to get things set up because there were so many little details but now that I have it all put together I am a little upset that I haven’t used this thing sooner!

As a precaution, I will print out the itinerary via the app as well just in case all our phones happen to be out of battery or not within reach. But really, who ISN’T within reach of their phone these days?!

Similar applications include: TripIt and WorldMate. I’ve played around with the other two and they are just as impressive. I will use them for future trips and report back as to which one I like best!


Tips on visiting Big Buddha in Hong Kong!

big buddha hong kong

When planning our visit to Hong Kong, I was most excited about visiting the Tian Tan Buddha also known as Big Buddha. Big Buddha is 112 ft tall and made of bronze. It is located on the Lantau Island but don’t worry, it is very well connected by ferry and metro.

In my opinion, the best way to get to Big Buddha is the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars. The cable car ride offers unbelievable views of the world below. To go on the standard cable car it costs 165 HKD (21.30 USD) OR you can go on the crystal bottom cable cars for 255 HKD (32.90 USD). Because the line at the station can be quite long, you can also purchase tickets here.

If you’d rather not be suspended up in the air (I completely understand), you can always take the Central Pier 6 ferry to Mui Wo and then hop on the New Lantao Bus 2 to the Ngong Ping Village.

Up until the day we were departing to Hong Kong, we were back and forth about purchasing the cable car rides ahead of time. There is a lot of smog in Hong Kong and I was apprehensive that I wouldn’t be able to see anything if we chose the wrong day. Nevertheless, we decided to go on our first day in Hong Kong to ensure that we didn’t miss out on it due to any unforeseen circumstances. Of course, we didn’t buy the tickets in advance so we had to wait in the long line. It took about 40 minutes to get through the line and worry took over me because the smog was slowly hiding the peaks as time passes by. It’s safe to say I was almost in panic mode because I had such high hopes for this attraction. I’d like to apologize to The Mr for almost biting off his head in line. My bad.

The ticket line for the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars
The ticket line for the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars

We opted for the crystal bottom cable cars so we could see everything going on beneath our feet. The glass bottom cable cars isn’t for the faint of heart. I, myself, am terrified of heights but I was too mesmerized to even notice that we were hundreds of feet up in the air and the possibility of it crashing to the ground was very real. In fact, a cable car did fall! Don’t worry, it was empty so no one was hurt. But don’t let that one little snafu stop you from going! LOL.

Ittybot was fearless
Ittybot was fearless

Just outside the cable car terminal is the Ngong Ping Village. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the village so you can spend several hours perusing the cute knick knacks and interesting art work.

Finally, we made it to the bottom of the Tian Tan Buddha and we were ready to scale the 268 steps to the top. I was so proud of Ittybot for climbing all those stairs! I feel like I was supposed to be at peace or somewhat of a meditative place while climbing those stairs but I was so focused to getting my butt up there without passing out, I just couldn’t focus.

268 steps to The Big Buddha
268 steps to The Big Buddha

Finally, we were facing the Tian Tan Buddha. The Buddha elegantly sits on top of a lotus flower and faces the beautiful nature below. Surrounding the statue are smaller statues with their offerings. The buddha is supposed to symbolize harmony between human and nature. They did a great job of preserving that ideology. There were trees as far as the eye could see mixed with aromas of burning incense. For a moment, I felt at peace. Then, as quickly as it happened, I was back to my shutterbug self.

Big Buddha Hong Kong

Big Buddha Hong Kong

The view from Big Buddha
The view from Big Buddha

We did a quick walk through the temples surrounding the area. It was so quick that I don’t even feel like I am experienced enough to talk about it.

Po Lin Monastary

Final thoughts: The Big Buddha should definitely be added in your “must see” column. It was such an incredible experience for us and we still talk about it to this day!