Jetsettin’: The bots touch down in Hong Kong! + Vlog!

After Sanya, we took a short 1.5 hr flight over to Hong Kong. The Mr has a love for Hong Kong films so this was on his bucket list. Come time to plan what he wanted to do in Hong Kong, he drew a blank and made me put together a plan. Figures. I laid out several possible itineraries and he picked (and cut out plenty) our activities for the final leg of our trip to China.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile because of it’s location. The metro is literally outside and we were next door to iSquare Mall and we were able to grab our morning Starbucks. Of course, we asked for an upgrade. I figured our chances were slim because it was about 1am so most of them were probably already booked. But lucky us, we were bumped up to the executive suite! As soon as you open the door, there was a draft of the “brand spankin’ new apartment” scent. Ahh, I miss that scent – so clean, LOL. They must’ve just renovated it. The room was small for being an “executive” room but space is a hot commodity in Hong Kong so I wasn’t expecting much to begin with.

On our first day in Hong Kong, we did the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up to The Tian Tan Buddha or Big Buddha statue. We opted for the glass bottom cable car because, well, WHY NOT?! But I will write a more elaborate post about this later.

The Bots visit Big Buddha
The Bots visit Big Buddha

After we got back, we skipped over to Food Republic (next door to the outlet mall) which was a short walk from the Ngong Ping 360 entrance. The Mr’s favorite activity is eating so his expression as we stepped out of the elevator was adorable. You could tell he was in his happy place. We opted for the cantonese restaurant because they had roasted ducks hanging in the window. The food was Mmm mm delicious! The roasted pork and roasted duck packed a punch of flavor. We have lived in Europe for almost 2 years now and there is a lack of flavor in asian foods so this was a special treat!

After we recharged at the hotel, we headed out to the Avenue of Stars so The Mr could visit his favorite actors like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The Avenue of Stars is basically like Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. There was a booth there called “Butter Cuttle” which is baked, buttered cuttle fish. Once you get past the scent of it, it is chewy goodness! At 30 hkd, I was a happy camper.

His childhood dreams are fulfilled
His childhood dreams are fulfilled and Ittybot is already over it.

We stuck around to watch the Symphony of Lights since Avenue of the Stars is supposedly one of the best places to view it. We posted up next to the butter cuttle booth and waited about 20 minutes to watch the light show. We were pretty disappointed about the “show”. It was maybe a few lasers, and some buildings lit up a little faster than normal. The narration was barely audible because the volume was so low, it made the show even less exciting. We actually left halfway into show with the other crowds. Don’t even bother with the Symphony of Lights unless you’re there for a holiday where there might be fireworks to spice it up a little. One good thing came out of this experience,  I was able to get a good shot of the Hong Kong skyline 🙂

Waiting for the Symphony of Lights
Waiting for the Symphony of Lights

Next up, Mong Kok to do some shopping! My first stop was Innisfree because I HAD to pick up more sheet masks. After Innisfree, we wandered the stalls of the Ladies Market. It’s called the Ladies Market because there is mainly clothing and accessories for women but there is so much more than that! There are toys and trinkets galore! There may be a haul post in the future!

Bustling shopping area of Mong Kok
Bustling shopping area of Mong Kok

We got (blissfully) lost looking for a quick bite to eat, but we ended up at McDonalds. I do like to try McDonalds in the different places we visit and Hong Kong is probably the best thus far! They like to season their fries, WHAT!? We got the seaweed seasoning, threw it in a bag with the fries and shake, shake, shake! We regret not going back for more, it was that good! Oh, and the spicy chicken sandwiches ACTUALLY had a little bit of spice to them. WIN in our books.

Check out the vlog below!


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