First Impressions: Britax B-Agile (plus review!)

I was going through our old hard drive and I found a video of us putting together our Britax B-Agile stroller. I thought it might help some fellow mothers out there who are considering this (awesome) stroller! Note, this was even before Ittybot was born!

We got the infant carseat that sits right on top of the stroller and let me tell you, the duo is a BEAST. While the carseat for the stroller is quite on the heavy side, we loved how they fit together and it made our lives so much easier.

Fast forward 2+ years and we still love this thing! It has been dragged to numerous countries (and we know how strollers are taken care of in baggage) and it is still holding strong! I realize that there are new strollers out there that unfold themselves and probably can serve you an espresso but we feel like the Britax B-agile is the best bang for the buck. We received a 20% off coupon from “Buy Buy Baby” but we realized that it was STILL cheaper on amazon. Remember to do your research! Most stores will price match with Amazon these days!


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