Happy 2015!


Happy New Year!!! I realize I am a little late on this but I have literally been glued to my AWESOME Christmas present from my Mr. – The Kindle. Mid 2014, I wanted to start reading more but our tablet gave me crazy headaches. The Kindle paperwhite is AWESOME. I love this little guy! If anyone has any book recommendations, shoot them my way! I have a special interest in finance and business books but I’m open to all suggestions.

We rang in yet another year here in the Netherlands. This year will be different the last. We won’t be spending nearly as much time on airplanes or in hotel rooms. We definitely have had a chance to scratch at the wanderlust itch but it has come to a point and time that we slow our roll.

While I have many goals I’d like to meet this year (maybe I’ll share them sometime) our biggest goal this year is to see our family. Whether it be moving back or making it to our annual family vacation this year, I WILL SEE THEIR CRAZY FACES. Being so far from your family definitely makes you miss them so much more. Especially with Ittybot around, I feel like he is missing quality time with this awesome little cousins. PLUS, I really do miss my Chipotle like crazy.

How about you guys? Any awesome resolutions?!


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