Jetsettin’: Barcelona, Spain

We embarked on a much anticipated trip to Barcelona, Spain on Friday. We landed around 9:15pm and got to our hotel around 10pm. Luckily, in the wonderful country of Spain, things are open later than many other European cities we have visited. This alone, skyrocketed the city to the top of our list.

I was feeling REALLY gross and nauseated after eating Burger King at the Amsterdam airport and I needed to settle my stomach immediately. Surprise, surprise, there was a Chinese restaurant across the street from our hotel. HAHA. Yes, our first meal in Spain was Chinese. I got some some seafood soup while The Mr was ecstatic to see salt and pepper shrimp for only 7 euros.

Since it was supposed to rain all day on Sunday, we had to alter our itinerary. I had to cut out some sights and we set out to see all our must-haves on Saturday. It was quite a whirlwind day!

First, we set out to see the Sagrada Familia. Gaudi’s work is even more magnificent in person. The Sagrada Familia is supposed to mimic a forest. While there were many forest elements, the structure itself looked like a sandcastle to me. Breathtaking nonetheless.


The Mr really wanted a jersey so we went to many, many shops trying to find one in his price range. To his dismay, they were all a little pricey for his taste.

Afterwards, we headed over to Barcelona’s Arc De Triomphe.


The park was right next door so we walked through the park and of course, P found his bubbles right in front of the fountain. The highlight of his day!


The park wasn’t too far of a walk to the beach, so we figured “why not?!” We left our swimming gear at the hotel but it worked out in the end because the water was a little too chilly.


Next on our agenda was the Barcelona Cathedral. Beautiful in its own right.


We had to take a quick break after a little shopping near the cathedral so we stopped by the Starbucks. Of course, I had to see how my name was spelled in Spain…the baristas named me, “Deva”. Don’t you just love the many ways the baristas will name you when you visit a Starbucks in a different country?!

We took the bus up to Montjuic to see the views of the city and then walked down to the National Museum. The views of the city is as amazing as you would imagine. The Sagrada Familia in the distance, rooftops flood the city, and mountains as the backdrop. What more can you ask for?


After dinner, we headed back to the Magic fountain which is located at the bottom of the Museum. At night, they have a water show that is a hit with us tourists.


Since the Sunday forecast was 90% chance of rain, we decided to take Ittybot to his first aquarium! And he loved it! It was so cute to see him point out the fishes. Definitely a memory to cherish forever.


By the way, the shopping is quite amazing in Barcelona. Plenty of malls scattered throughout the city for all budgets.

There is so much more we wanted to do in Barcelona but we lost an entire day due to rain. Looks like we may have to make another trip out there!? Hopefully!!



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