Get the look for less!


I am LOVING the puffer vest + plaid button up look for the fall. I’ve seen the JCrew quilted vest pop up a lot. I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time but I just can’t stomach that price tag! So I referred to my trusty H&M and to my luck I found something fairly close for a fraction of the price!

I know, the fur lining threw me off at first but don’t worry! It detaches! I think the faux leather detailing gives it an extra midwestern touch. I’m originally from the midwest so I’m totally fine with it.

There you go friends, your look for less. While you’re at it, there is an adorable black and white buffalo checkered button up in the men’s section that was on sale when I ordered. Would look GREAT with this vest.

Another fun fact, if you sign up for their e-mail notifications, you will get a 25% off one item coupon code which brings down the price even more! Don’t fret, you can unsubscribe later. You’re welcome.


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