Jetsettin’: Geia sas Greece!


Greece has long been on my bucket list thanks to the American TV shows such as Hercules and Xena Warrior Princess.

Greece did not disappoint. While we didn’t go to any museums we still thoroughly enjoyed Acropolis and seeing the Temple of Zeus. I’m so glad we chose a hotel in Athena’s neighborhood because it made the hike up to Acropolis so much easier.

To get into Acropolis was 12 euros and hold on to your ticket because that is also admission to the Temple of Zeus too.

Just our luck, there was some construction on the Parthenon!! It was interesting to see where they patched up the ruins to ensure that it doesn’t collapse though. The view of Athens from The Acropolis was quite the site. You could see all the way to the coast!






We took a ferry over to Aegina which was the closest island to Athens. It was an adorable little island with boats lining up their coast. We didn’t stray too far from the port. We had about 6 hours and we probably had plenty of time to explore but we wanted to spend more time at the beach. The beach was ok. Well, there wasn’t much of a beach at all. There was a small beach with some umbrellas and sun chairs you can rent for 6 euros. The water, however, was pristine. Once I got the nerve to dip myself into the water, the temperature was perfect. Ittybot, of course, LOVED it. He’s a natural water baby unlike his parents.

Greece_008 Greece_006

The most impressive part of Greece to me was their food. I never had an interest in Greek cuisine but boy oh boy was I missing out! I did a “Foodie Friday” post about it here.

Next time we visit Greece – if there is a next time, we would like to straight to an Island. Planning a trip to Greece is probably one of the more stressful trips to plan because there are just so many islands to choose from! If anyone has any suggestions, please shoot them my way!

Until next time, JoopJoop!


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