Get the look for less!


I am LOVING the puffer vest + plaid button up look for the fall. I’ve seen the JCrew quilted vest pop up a lot. I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time but I just can’t stomach that price tag! So I referred to my trusty H&M and to my luck I found something fairly close for a fraction of the price!

I know, the fur lining threw me off at first but don’t worry! It detaches! I think the faux leather detailing gives it an extra midwestern touch. I’m originally from the midwest so I’m totally fine with it.

There you go friends, your look for less. While you’re at it, there is an adorable black and white buffalo checkered button up in the men’s section that was on sale when I ordered. Would look GREAT with this vest.

Another fun fact, if you sign up for their e-mail notifications, you will get a 25% off one item coupon code which brings down the price even more! Don’t fret, you can unsubscribe later. You’re welcome.


Broke Girl Fixes: Cord Organization

I have these moments where all I want to do is organize and reorganize. As much as I love purchasing the cutest bins and baskets the budget doesn’t always allow me to go crazy at the local store.

I have an ongoing battle with our electronics drawer. This is the drawer where we throw all our cords, chargers, batteries etc into. I am constantly yelling and grunting trying to get the cords untangled. Well, I’ve had enough of it!

My broke girl fix was to put the cords into an empty toilet paper roll and label with with corresponding name. Neat, huh?




Positivity Challenge: Day 5

  • My cousins…what can I say about my cousins?! They fall right in the friend/family/ride or die/lifers category. “Tough love” is a supreme understatement. We all grew up in the same madness and understand each other’s frustrations. Without them, there would be no sanity.
  • As of late, I have been able to reconnect with some AMAZING people. It’s ironic how moving to a different country could bring people closer together! Maybe it’s because I’m not caught up in the corporate grind anymore and I make time for substantial conversations. Whatever the case may be, I am SO glad that it has worked out the way that it has. I had forgotten how much I missed them and how much I value our relationship. YAY! Squishy hugs!
  • I’m incredibly thankful that I grew up in such a rich and beautiful culture. I was taught tradition, religion, and language from a young age and I hope that I (with the help of family) will be able to pass that down to Preston as he gets older.

That is my last and final day of the positivity challenge! I challenge all of you to sit down and be grateful for all that you have. All too often we dwell on what we DON’T have and lose sight of the beauty we DO have.


Positivity Challenge: Day 4

1) I am incredibly fortunate enough to be able to stay home with Preston the first couple years of his life. I’ve always told David that I would love the opportunity to be at home with our children for the first year or two to watch them grow and develop. I didn’t want a stranger to experience my baby’s milestones. There is so much value placed on the corporate grind that more often than not, the sacrifice is quality family time. We wanted to balance the two and it has worked out wonderfully for us! I have my entire life to slave away in the corporate universe but only a several years to watch my baby grow into a monster.
2) While in Florida, we have met some of the most incredible and unique individuals EVER. They made our brief but memorable lives in Florida such an incredible experience. We often talk about how much we miss our Florida family and we can’t wait to go see them again! SOON HOPEFULLY!!
3) I can’t forget to mention my lifers!! Some of you, I’ve been friends with for over 20 years. CRAZY! I am truly grateful to those that have stuck with me through the thick and thin. We all have made our mistakes and the ones that are there to forgive you and help you through your madness are the ones I need to keep for life!