Where in the world have we been?!

Hey guys!

The 3 of you that follow our blog are probably wondering where in the world we have been! I have had vlogs here and there and no posts since who knows when. Well, I have been battling my photography business. More like battling myself. I’ve been working not-so-hard on getting my facebook page published and fixing the minor details on the joopjoop site. I’ve had some self-doubt demons I have had to overcome. BUT to save all the dramz, it’s done!

I hope to be more active on this blog, the JoopJoop site/blog, and our vlogs. OH! AAAAND we are in the process of launching yet ANOTHER YouTube channel called the “wanderbots” (a play off of wanderlust + meetthebots – get it, GET IT?!). It’ll be a channel devoted to all things family and more specifically traveling as a family. We will also be including our own travel diaries and reviews of the location and hotels. Hoping to get some reviews up in the next couple weeks. Any suggestions you’d like to see us try? Please let us know down below!

Whew, a lot on my plate. I really should get some coffee…and some well deserved rest.

Good night! JoopJoop!


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