Jetsettin’: We’re baaaaack Bangkok!


The morning we had to leave Phuket was a sad one. On the flip side, we were excited to get back to the cheap street food in good old Bangkok. We had been keeping an eye on the situation in Bangkok while in Phuket. Ongsa was also our little birdy that sent us daily messages about the situation. While in Phuket, BKK had declared a state of emergency. WHAT?! This alarmed many nations and they advised their citizens to avoid travel to Thailand. Of course, we went right into the madness.

When we landed, Ongsa had a hard time picking us up from the Don Mueang International airport because some protests had blocked the roads. But everything worked out ok. He picked us up and we went to see his wife at her workplace. Just outside her workplace there was an AMAZING Thai Iced Coffee cart/stand. For only 20 baht (~$0.61), we got a huge cup of deliciousness.

Next, Ongsa walked us to a nearby shopping area which had a hawkers area of traditional food. I was craving some noodle soup and he recommended a stand that he said was a little more pricey but delicious. The bowl was 50 THB (~$1.52). Yes. Really. In thai standards, that is a little on the pricey side. I was really tempted to get two bowls. It was THAT good. Mmm…yumms.

The next day, we went out to Central World Mall. From what I heard, it was one of the biggest malls in Thailand, if not the largest. It had the 2nd largest H&M in the world! We avoided going there the first leg because I was told that the protests were right outside and it would be difficult getting there. Thankfully, there is a skywalk that took us all the way there and we didn’t have to step foot in the protest. But in reality, nothing was really happening at the rally anyways. There were mostly vendors hanging out selling food.

The mall was pretty great. It had a total of 8 floors and a lot of great stores. I did good and went to only a few places that I needed to go to. Being from the states and living in Europe, there weren’t many stores there that I was anxious to go to.

For our last full day in Thailand, we kept it pretty simple. We slept in and started to pack a little. The Mr managed to squeeze in another massage before we left. He had a total of 3 back massages while we there and every single one of them kicked his behind. They elbowed him and kneaded him until he couldn’t move. He literally came back with bruises.

It was Chinese New Year so Ongsa and his family took us out to Yaowarat Road (Thailand’s Chinatown). The hustle and bustle was exciting and the food was enticing. As soon as we stepped foot through the gates I could smell the squid toasting and the incense burning . To some, that isn’t appealing but I thought it smelled delicious. All the street vendors were incredibly busy with all the locals and tourists coming in to celebrate the year of the horse. The roads were still open so I could basically reach in people’s cars as they inched by. It was a great experience and I’m glad we made it out there on our last day.

I woke up sad knowing we were leaving Thailand in just a few short hours. We laid in bed for as long as we could before Ongsa picked us up for lunch and to drop us off at the airport. We were so lucky to have him and his family show us around Thailand. He took us to all the good eateries! We are so thankful and we owe them! Maybe if they came to Holland we could show them around too!


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