Jetsettin’: HELLO PHUKET!!!


It´s been a few weeks since we´ve been back so let me give you an update of our experience in Thailand – specifically, Phuket!

We took a cab from downtown Bangkok to the Don Meaung airport which is where Nokair operates.  Nokair is a good cheap airline that flies directly to Phuket.  The flight took 1 hr 20 minutes.  The Phuket airport and surrounding area was nothing special.

We got a cab driver that was crazy!  He was speeding around cars and motorists on a 2 lane road – the crazy part was this was with all the hills that presented blind spots…Fast forward 1 hour and 1000 Thai Baht (THB), which was the standard and ridiculous fare, we finally arrived at the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort (Kata Beach area).

It was fantastic!  Walked in the lobby and there it was, the beautiful beach calling our names.  Then we were greeted with drinks and some flower thingy.  After a few minutes to check in, we were escorted to our suite which was wonderful.  Our suite had an awesome king bed, large bathroom area, a relaxing room with daybed, and a balcony that allowed us to check out the lawns, beach, pool, and water!

The resort was amazing but was slightly secluded which had pros and cons.  The good was that the beach area was not crowded and we were able to really relax.  The bad was that there were only a few external restaurants nearby…which meant we had to spend more money than we wanted for food.  Overall, the 3 day experience was fantastic; however, we don’t think we would go to that resort again because of the limited food options.

On our 4th day in Phuket, we went to our 2nd resort called Avista Hideaway Spa and Resort.  This resort is located close to the Patong beach area.  The resort was tucked away on a hill and presented a magnificent view of hills and the Andaman Sea.  We were fortunate enough to get upgraded to a Jacuzzi suite!

It was really nice having a Jacuzzi right outside our main room.  The room was equipped with a large soaking tub, rain shower shower heads, large screen TV, wireless audio system, master control panel, and Jacuzzi and outdoor area.  Probably one of the nicest rooms we’ve been in.

The resort itself was fairly unique but in a questionable way.  The more prestige rooms required us to go downhill – yes, this was a multilevel resort (not a flat one like most).  We had drivers drive us up and down from the lobby to our room, and vice versa, when we needed.  You would think that the nicer rooms are higher on the hill…oh well.  Also, the resort was somewhat confusing at times trying to figure out how to get to certain places.  They only provided us with a flat map versus a map showing the points of interest and their locations at the respective level.

One of the more convenient things about this resort is that they provided a free shuttle service to the Patong beach area and specifically the Jungceylon mall.  This area was really nice, touristy but nice.  Street food, shops, restaurants, bars, and almost everything you can imagine.  I would highly recommend staying near the Patong area, if not in Patong, if you want to be around all the activity.

Fast forward a couple days and we were taking a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands.  This was amazing!!! We highly recommend it to anybody taking a trip to Phuket.  The beach and water is the most beautiful sight we’ve seen.  Think of all the postcards and beautiful pictures you see of Phuket…and yes, we were there.

After a total of 7 days in Phuket, we had to depart.  The weather, food, and resorts were amazing…so of course it was natural for us to be quite sad.  This also meant that we were getting closer to the end of our vacation L.  Now back to Bangkok!


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