Jetsettin’: Paris 12-2013


We left Brussels for Paris bright and early on December 23rd, 2013! It was a very short trip so we had to literally run from one place to another. It was so exhausting but at least we knocked off the sightseeing spots so next time we visit, we can SHOP! The Eiffel Tower was beautiful, I’d probably stop by again. Hopefully when it’s warmer out!

It was quite cold and rainy out while we were there so there was minimal picture taking and vlogging. My hands were too cold! Of course, the morning of Christmas, the day we were leaving, it was beautiful out! Just our luck. Unfortunately, a lot of places were closed or closed early due to the holiday. So I missed out on some good eats and amazing shopping 😦 Until next time Paris…



Jetsettin’: Cologne, Germany – 12.07.2013


On the morning of December 7th, 2013 we hit the road towards Cologne, Germany. While the drive was quite…country. It was nice to actually be in a car for a couple hours versus a train.

After 2.5 hours we finally made it! We parked right outside the train station which was conveniently close but crazy expensive. It cost 12 euros for 4 hours! Craziness! I haven’t paid those sort of prices since college!

As soon as you walk through the station….TADA!! The dom!

Cologne 12.07.13-2

Cologne 12.07.13-1

Cologne 12.07.13-5

The real reason we headed out there was to experience the Christmas markets that Germany is well known for. I have to say, they were so SO CUTE! Stall after stall of unique jewelry, knick knacks, and delicious food.


Cologne 12.07.13-7

Cologne 12.07.13-6

Cologne 12.07.13-4

Cologne 12.07.13-3

There’s actual footage on our vlog from that weekend.

Cologne actually had GREAT shopping. I had to restrain myself from hitting all the shops. I would’ve felt bad for our friends and the Mr’s wallet. I’m saving all my shopping impulses for Thailand!


Snapshots: Christmas a year ago


It was only last year that Ittybot was still sitting comfy in my belly. Seeing this picture brings back such great memories. Unlike many other women, I probably had the best pregnancy EVER. I didn’t get sick, no cravings, no late night runs. I may have had to a couple more potty runs than the norm but that’s it. This is by far my favorite pregnancy picture. So simple – yet so beautiful. I really do miss being pregnant but I can wait on having another monster. This one keeps me busy as it is!