Our Happily Ever After… : Sh!t Just got real 2013


Well! As you saw in my recent post, we’ve made it to the Nederlands. The first couple weeks was filled with jet lag and one angry Ittybot. I have to admit that I was pretty set on turning around and going back home when I first got here. It was cold, rainy, and I was trapped in a dumpy hotel room with said angry baby. We didn’t set out to explore right away. Ittybot had a little cold when we got here so we were hibernating until he got better.

As soon as Ittybot was feeling better, we set out to find what was important to us: an Asian market. It was the key to our survival. We needed to know that we would be able to cook Asian food. This was even more vital because the Chinese restaurants here are overpriced for less than stellar food. Much to our relief, we found one in Den Haag! Queue the musiccc!

We heard there was a “better” one in Amsterdam so we set out on Sunday morning to go get us some Pho! Well my friends, I didn’t realize Sunday was, “I’ll be open if I feel like it” day. Like a couple of crazy creepers, we stood outside the pho shop peeking in to see if there was anyone in there. I could hear people doing dishes downstairs and I was tempted to start yelling for service. If I weren’t so afraid of what special sauces may come with my pho, I would have! So, Chinatown was (or Tokyo Town as they would call it) was uneventful.


We were wandering around and found ourselves in the red light district and alleyways full of “coffee shops”. I needed to run Ittybot out of there but I kept my cool. I can say that I’ve been here and didn’t do that. It was strange and I can’t quite put the experience into words. I didn’t know how to behave. Is it ok to look into the windows if I’m a female or would they feel like I was judging them? I just kept walking and stared straight ahead. I’m sure I’ll end up back there when visitors’ start coming over so I’ll be better prepared next time.



On October 1st, 2013, we moved into our new home for the time being. Who knows how long we’ll be here. With our extensive list of must haves, this one seemed to hit most of them. I have to admit the stairs in this country freak the hell out of me. They’re small and STEEP. Thankfully, the landlord installed a baby gate for us at the top of the stairs. Looks like Ittybot won’t be learning how to go up and down the stairs until he’s in the states! Unfortunately, the apartment would not be available as furnished until November 1st so we decided to go ahead and furnish the place ourselves and move in a month early. This place looks like a fancy dorm room! We didn’t want to splurge on furniture because we don’t know what tomorrow holds. I’d hate to throw down thousands of dollars and find out that we have to leave several months later. Plus, this saves us money for traveling! We both agreed that we’ll go dirt cheap on la casa so we can take more frequent trips.

And that’s where we’re at now. Finally got all the laundry done and cooked some food that I was craving. Grocery shopping is a nightmare. We can only do small trips since we don’t have a car. Talk about self-control at the grocery store! So the weekends will be full of shopping for food and little items to make this place feel like “home”.

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