Newly Mommy: Mommy must-haves

newly mommy

By no means am I an expert in the baby department, but I have 5 months of experience under my belt and I’m still learning on the fly. There have been a few key items that I’m so incredibly thankful that someone invented.

  1. 31cuFVPmn-L._SY450_Dekkor : $46 on -This garbage disposal system blows the diaper genie out of the water in my opinion. While the diaper genie does wrap each individual diaper to lock in the stench, the dekkor has a trap door that locks in the scent as well. Now, the dirty diaper scents will escape when you dispose a diaper but c’mon it’s literally 1 second. My favorite perk about the dekkor is that while they do charge $15 for refill bags but you don’t have to get them!! You can use any old trash bag for it! I went to the dollar store and purchased a roll of trash bags that looked similar to theirs and it has worked out perfectly! Another benefit of the dekkor is that once your baby grows out of diapers, it turns into a regular trash bin! The dekkor is a lifer!
  2. 71PhT5dDnUL._SL1500_Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother: $43 – Mobiles are a thing of the past. Get with the times and get a baby Einstein Sea Dream Soother. Seriously. Ittybot ADORES this thing. We don’t let him sleep with us and he sleeps in his crib so this has been extremely helpful. It lights up and the little sea creatures move and he stares at it until he falls asleep. Which only takes about 5-10 minutes. There’s even a remote in the shape of a seashell! Well done baby einstein, well done.
  3. 41XxjQd+XlL._SY450_Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether: $20.59 on He hasn’t completely fallen in love with Sophie yet, but she definitely catches his attention because she squeaks. He has been biting her face and her legs so I can see this being a very useful item in the near future. Mucho thanks to Kate and Rachel for this adorable teether 🙂

Some honorable mentions…

91pNrh8D5cL._SL1500_Fisher Price Laugh & Learn love to play puppy $19.97 on — The whole reason I got this little guy is because I stacked some coupons and got him for around $4.50. Ittybot wasn’t really into him at first but he was probably a little too young to be enthused by him. Ittybot is starting to love the ABC’s so maybe I’ll give it another go and see how he feels about him. I think this guy will be a great learning tool.

41TV2p1uoyL._SY450_Cloud B Sleep Sheep (travel) $32 on — I really, really wished that Ittybot bought into the whole “white noise” thing. He could care less for the sleep sheep. Everyone that I have bought this for has sworn by it but my child is the one child that white noise has no affect on. It is super cute and it works on most babies — it has definitely put the Mr to sleep! I would still recommend it!!

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