Ittybot: Five months!


My baby boy is 5 months this week! Oh my goodness, he’s getting so big! His happy-go-lucky personality is really starting to show through πŸ™‚

We tried to give him some solid foods because milk just isn’t satisfying him anymore but that was a fail. He really wasn’t having any of that. A number of people suggested that I put cereal in his milk but doctors advise against it. I’ve read that it could cause him to develop food allergies. I realize that many people have had cereal and don’t have food allergies, but why risk it? I’d hate to have to deal with food allergies down the line! We can hold out for one more month, it’s no biggie!

He is playing with his toys and refusing to sit down. He only wants to stand which is a lot of work for this tired mommy. We didn’t want to get him a walker because we are moving in a week and it would be one big item to take with us in the car ride up to MN.

Trying to clean and move with this little bugger is a lot of work! Especially since he refuses to be put down. Almost there, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel… Anyways, here he is!!!


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