Beauty Bits: June 2013 Ipsy Bag

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My June 2013 ipsy bag came! Woo Hoo! When I opened the package I was very disappointed in the bag though. I’m not a huge fan, ok, not a fan of animal print. What do I see? A whole lotta animal print!


Inside the Ipsy:

  • Psssst! Instant dry shampoo
  • Cailyn cream eyeliner in purple
  • Starlooks lip pencil in “tipsy”
  • NYX cream blush in “hot pink”
  • J. cat beauty sparkling cream palette

I thought the sizes of the items were pretty large for being “testers”. I’m a little confused as to why they sent me purple cream eye liner though. I’m rather conservative when it comes to my make-up colors. I rarely venture outside the neutrals. I’ll have to go back into my profile and re-do my questionnaire.

I’m super excited for the instant dry shampoo! Such a great travel size and I may be doing quite a bit of that in the near future.

I already had a NYX cream palette very similar to the one pictured. Again, I rarely stray from neutrals so this will get rarely used.

The cream blush seems to be EXTRA bright but maybe it won’t be as bad on?

I have never used a lip pencil, and I don’t think this tester will make me start. haha.

Beauty Bits: Birchbox vs Ipsy

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I am currently subscribed to two beauty subscriptions: Birchbox and Ipsy. I realize that there are many more out there but these are the two that I am currently testing out. I’m only allowed one subscription at this point so I had to compare the two for a couple months and make the ultimate decision. Will it be Birchbox or will it be Ipsy??

I meant to create this post in April, but with a newborn and an unofficial site, there was no immediate rush to get it done. Now that I am finally getting around to it, I will compare both April AND May’s packages! It was your lucky day and you didn’t even know it.


As you can see in the pictures, birchbox seems to favor foil packets. This is a little pet peeve of mine. I realize I am only paying $10 for the subscription but at least try to fool me with better packaging! When I see foil packets I think “cheap”. Don’t you?

In comparison, I find that I get better products in the ipsy bag and they are pretty good sample sizes. Some even seem like they could be full sizes! Besides, who doesn’t love getting a cute reusable make up bag every month?!


Ittybot: Wubbanub?!


A while ago, I ordered something called a “wubbanub”. It’s basically a pacifier attached  to a super cute little toy animal. I got it because his pacifiers constantly get lost in the nooks and crannies when he spits it out and swats it away. Then I end up digging through his big pile of blankets, burp cloths, and boppy just to locate it. It would also help with his early motor skills such as grasping. Besides, they are SO CUTE!

I ordered one from amazon for around $14.95. Now, I realize that it’s a steep price but I figured the benefits outweighed the cost. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have played the game of “pacifier pick up” with the kid! I ordered “Levi the lion” for itty bot.


He wasn’t really having it to begin with but after several tries, he was actually starting to grasp Levi! And then within a week or two, he actually grabbed Levi and put the pacifier in his own mouth! Talk about proud mom over here!


Sorry for the bad cell phone quality!

All in all, I think it’s a cute little helpful item to have but the price is a little hefty. If you don’t mind splurging on a pacifier I would recommend it to my fellow mommies!