Ittybot: Three months!


Ittybot is 3 months old!! Whew! Time has flown by! He has started daycare and he is already cooing at the little girls. I have a ladies man on my hands like his daddy. Oh man… He is {baby} talking A LOT more lately and it’s so much fun to keep him going. It’s as if he’s telling me what is going on in daycare! It’s fun watching him become more aware of his surroundings and he is starting to play with his toys too! I just love this little chunkers to pieces!


First Mother’s Day


5.12.13 marks my very first mother’s day. I’ve always wondered how my first mother’s day would be. What would I look like? Where would we be living? What would I be doing? What would my loves have in store for me?

Now that the day has come and gone, I’m wondering where the day went! There’s not a whole lot to say, we really didn’t do much since we had guests but our friend that is visiting from MN did treat us out for some sushi and we went to see Iron Man 3! The Mr. isn’t much of a romantic but he did try to do dishes for me. It’s his way of showing that he cares.

Being a mommy has been a crazy, confusing adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Ittybot is growing bigger and bigger by the day. I’m already getting so sad that he’s growing so fast!

Another “first” to add to the book of memories. I’m disappointed I didn’t get to take pictures! Reenactment??