You Crafty Huh?: Picture Clips


I find myself perusing around the dollar bins everywhere that there is one (it totally irks me that they slip in $2 and $3 items in that area and call it something else now). I happened to find these big clothespins at Michaels that are supposed to hold either pictures or other small items. I thought they were adorable so I had to pick up a few. At a dollar + 50% off, who could resist??

I needed to come up with a picture solution for Ittybot’s nursery and I thought I could put the clips to use. I remembered that I still had some wooden cut outs of whales from his baby shower so I pulled those out and went back to Michaels to purchase the anchors to go with his nautical theme. JoAnn fabrics also have many cute shapes that are both painted and unpainted. The wooden pieces were about $0.59 at Michaels and the craft paint that I used to paint them were on sale for $0.50 as well (of course I used my student ID to get even MORE of a discount)!


The project is pretty self explanatory. I painted the wooden shapes and then used a hot glue gun to glue it to the clothespin. VOILA! Custom picture clips for about a dollar! You can customize it to just about any theme. I highly recommend to use it at baby showers or birthdays to display cute snapshots!